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    Jun 27, 2014


Launch actions, not just apps!

It’s like speed dial for everyday tasks. Launch Center Pro saves you time by launching complex actions in a single tap.

Message a loved one, search Yelp for the nearest coffee shop, jump straight to the camera in Instagram, control your Nest Thermostat via IFTTT, all with just a flick of your thumb. Create shortcuts for email, Safari, Twitter, Facebook, phone or FaceTime calls, Google searches, and more. If you do it on your iPhone constantly, Launch Center Pro will make it easier and faster.

“Launch Center Pro is an app of verbs. Search. Shoot. Call. Text. Add... With a simple tap-and-slide, you can launch apps, perform actions and more... It's so simple and fast that before long your muscle memory takes over and you don't even have to look. ” —Dave Caolo - TUAW

“Perhaps the highest praise I can give Launch Center Pro is that it finally kicked Safari out of my dock...” —Lex Friedman - Macworld

Sample shortcuts:

- Call a loved one
- Message a GIF to a friend
- Take a photo and message it to a group
- Email your boss a report from Dropbox
- Control your Nest Thermostat via IFTTT
- Quickly search Wikipedia
- Scan a barcode and search on Amazon
- Jump right to your favorite website
- Create a new item in OmniFocus
- Search Twitter using Tweetbot
- And so much more...

Full list of officially supported shortcuts:

For help with Launch Center or to submit feedback, please visit

Release Notes

Based on feedback from 2.3 we made some big changes to the way input tags are processed. Manually creating complex actions should be much easier now. Visit for more detailed released notes.

New in 2.3.1
- Prompt Default Text: [prompt=My Default Text]
- Prompt List Delimiters: [prompt-list(, )]
- Giphy Bookmarks
- Fixed various Launch Center Connect/IFTTT issues
- Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

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