Feast or Famine

Get your beef on with the crazy fun prehistoric running game Feast or Famine, by X4 Games. In case you’ve missed it, the game went free today and is still free as of this writing.

Feast or Famine was released last month and has since enjoyed great reviews and very high ratings. In the game, you play as Glyph, a Neanderthal with some serious athletic abilities. In order to keep Glyph alive, you have to feed him. And food doesn’t exactly come served by a waiter in the game. You have to chase it.

Chase Down Food

When it comes to chasing down food, it seems that Glyph has the stamina and skills of an Olympian. While running, you throw spears, rocks, and boomerangs at birds and bison. All while jumping over obstacles, evading tar pits, and grabbing new weapons to assail your dinner with. You have to keep Glyph fed, or he will die.

As far as looks, the game has great caveman-style graphics. You can almost imagine some guy painting the scenes on a cave wall 10,000 years ago. Hopefully, they didn’t really have life this hard. Although they probably did…

iPad screenshot

Great App Deal

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’s really worth grabbing right now while it’s free. Even if you miss the sale, the normal price of $0.99 is really a good deal for such a well-polished game. The game will work on your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch. You can find more information on the app’s detail page here at AppPlot.com.

If you do happen to get it, let me know what you think. I’m always curious to know what sorts of apps you like the best.

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